Massage Massage

Massage helps to improve range of motion and circulation of both circulatory and lymphatic systems, strengthening the immune system. It helps shorten recovery from illnesses and injury. At a cosmetic level, massage can reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the skin’s elasticity. Psychologically, massage reduces stress,providing a calmness from which to focus on other aspects of life. Massage is not just about healing or reducing stress, it just feels good!

MASSAGE AND RELAXATION Traditional Swedish Massage  ($50 per hour – $30 per ½ hour) This technique of moderate pressure is used to ease stress

Pure Aromatherapy    ($50 per hour – $30 per ½ hour) Gentle massage with custom blended plant oils.

Deep Tissue    ($50 per hour – $30 per ½ hour) Stretching and trigger point release which allows blood and nutrition flow properly within the muscles.

Re-balancing Reflexology    ($40) Kneading of pressure points which helps the body to heal itself and maintain health followed by a comforting massage.

Massage Massage


Spoil your Legs after intensive Climbing      ($30) Exfoliation of foot scrub during a relaxing foot bath, followed by a soothing leg massage to ease all sores, ending with a foot mask and cooling gel.

HAND AND FOOT CARE Manicure and Pedicure    ($30 each) All manicure and pedicure provide nourishing care for rough dry skin, grooming for nails and calming massage for the mind Please contact the reception for bookings, you are always welcome.

Massage Massage

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