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Monduli Juu is situated 50 Km north west of Arusha on the road to the National Parks of Ngorongoro and Serengeti. The name ‘Monduli’ originates from the place where a wealthy Maasai ancestor called ‘Monduli’ used to live in former German colonial times. Monduli Juu is a cluster of four small Maasai villages. Every Saturday, hundreds of Maasai walk for miles along the dusty mountain roads leading down to the tiny mountain village of Monduli Juu. Dressed in their traditional red-plaid sarongs with matching red blankets slung across their shoulders, the men lead unhappy goats by lengths of frayed rope while the women drive braying donkeys laden with sacks of rice and grain. They congregate at the edge of the village where, for a few hours each week, the heart of the ochre plain beats blood red with Maasai who sell their livestock and barter for their necessities at the weekly “Red Market”.

This adventure starts early in the morning. An original Maasai resident from Monduli takes you in public transport, the small “dala dala” minibuses, up to Monduli town. From there one of the local taxis brings you along a winding road amidst a beautiful green forest to Monduli Juu. You visit a traditional Maasai boma with the typical round earthen houses. A local healer will give you more info about natural medicine and you’ll see how the women make their elegant bead ornaments. Optionally we could arrange for a performance of traditional Maasai dancing. For lunch you can try a home-cooked lunch or the local skewers of goat meat, the well-known “nyama choma”. Afterwards take a stroll along the colorful market before returning to Karama. Price for 1 person: $80 Price for 2 people: $100

The price includes public transport to/from the village, guide fee, lunch and soda.
** Please take note that the market is only on Saturday **
Maasai dancing: +$30

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