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Serengeti National Park

Leopard in the Serengeti

Serengeti National Park is Africa’s most famous destination. The annual wildebeest migration and dense predator population attracts most of the visitors who come to Tanzania. There is an overwhelming sense of space in this archetypal African Savannah which stretches for over 15,000 square kilometers. The Greater Serengeti Eco-system which includes several smaller reserves and the Masai Mara in Kenya is actually twice that size! The name comes from the Masai word ‘Serengeti’ which means ‘endless plains’.

Ngorongoro Crater

Panorama on Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most spectacular natural wonders that exists. As well as being the largest intact caldera in the world, the floor of Ngorongoro Crater offers unsurpassed game viewing, where vast herds of animals and even some extremely rare species such as the black rhino can be seen during an afternoon’s game drive around the area. Ngorongoro is volcanic in origin and was created during the same fracturing process that formed the Rift Valley. At its peak in size it would have matched Mount Kilimanjaro at its current height. The rim is still high at roughly 2220m so a good fleece or jacket is essential.

Lake Manyara National Park

Panorama of Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara is a small (330 square km) and very scenic park is comprised of two-thirds water, the shallow alkaline lake that it takes it’s name from. Considering the size of the remaining land there is a wide variety of habitats to be explored, from the open floodplain that surrounds the lake shore to the varying forests that line the base of the Rift Valley escarpment.

Tarangire National Park

Panorama of Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is particularly well-known for its large density of elephants, who pass through in huge herds of up to three hundred. Other animals come through Tarangire too – wildebeest, zebra, gazelle and eland are among the herds who crowd down to the waterholes and rivers to drink. The swamps of Tarangire National Park host up to 550 recorded species of bird, a must for any birdwatcher on a Tanzania safari. The lions and leopards of Tarangire are known for their tree-climbing skills, so visitors are advised to watch the branches of the sausage trees for twitching tails!

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park boasts a remarkable range of habitats – a miniature volcanic crater, highland rain forest, acacia woodland and a string of attractive lakes, as well as hosting Africa’s fifth highest mountain. for those who want to escape from the crowds this is a rewarding excursion – there are numerous elephant, giraffe, hyena and zebra throughout the park, as well as an astounding number of bird species. The rainforest areas are home to an indigenous group of black and white Colobus monkeys which can often be seen throwing themselves carelessly from tree to tree.


Panoramic of Mount Kilimanjaro

What can be more personally satisfying than standing atop the highest peak in Africa? Tropical Trails outfits these climbs with the very best equipment and our own guides and porters to give you the climber, the best chance of reaching the summit. We specialize in the less frequented, more scenic routes such as the Machame, Western Breach, Rongai, or Shira but are also more than happy to organize a Marangu ascent as well! There is no guarantee of success but our percentage of climbers to reach the summit is amongst the best of all operators!


Zanzibar Island Beach

Why not finish off your African Holiday with an extension on the beautiful Isle of Zanzibar? This place is as magical as its name implies and has something to offer for everyone! Let Tropical Trails plan your island getaway – just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll plan it for you based on your desires. There are so many great places to stay from secluded bungalows on the beach to all inclusive resorts and we know them all! We’ll arrange in country flights, accommodation, diving excursions and anything else you might fancy.

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